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Расписание мероприятий деловой программы 12-й выставки подъемно-транспортного оборудования «КранЭкспо»

19-21 апреля 2017. Москва, ВДНХ

В рамках выставки состоится обширная деловая программа, в которой примут участие представители различных организаций, занимающихся вопросами проектирования, изготовления, монтажа, ремонта и эксплуатации подъемно-транспортной техники.



На предстоящей выставке подъемно-транспортного оборудования «КранЭкспо», которая уже в 12 раз пройдет в Москве 19-21 апреля, снова смогут встретиться производители, поставщики и заказчики подъемно-транспортного оборудования из разных стран.

Постоянным участником выставки является компания STAHL CraneSystems GmbH - лидер в области производства грузоподъемных кранов и комплектующих, а также взрывозащищенного оборудования чья продукция востребована в Европе, США, Азии, Южной Америки, Австралии и во многих регионах нашей страны.



У офиса «Цеппелин Русланд» выставили трактор 1928 года выпуска

У входа в московский офис компании «Цеппелин Русланд» установлена подлинная модель трактора CATERPILLAR TEN 1928 года выпуска. Этот уникальный образец техники до сих пор находится в рабочем состоянии.


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CranExpo - The 12th edition of specialized exhibition of material handling equipment

April 19-21, VDNH, Moscow, pavilion 75




выставка кранэкспо




кранэкспо открытие

CranExpo is a professional exhibition reputed as industrial forum in Russian Federation, CIS and in East European countries.



The event is organized under the patronage of the Department of science and industry policies at the government of Moscow and Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “CranExpo” is awarded the sign of the RUEF, which certifies of the compliance of exhibition to the standards set forth for the expo projects.
The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to explore the potential of the industry market, to increase directs sales, to present new product or trade mark, to increase brand recognition and to strengthen the image of your company.
Today “CranExpo” is first and foremost the business meeting point to ensure interaction of producers, suppliers and consumers of material handling equipment from all regions of Russia, CIS and worldwide.



Exhibition issues


  • Material lifting and handling equipment for chemical, metallurgy and oil and gas and coal mining industries
  • Material lifting and handling equipment
  • Cranes for sea and river ports
  • Mobile lifting equipment
  • Material lifting and handling equipment for construction industry, road building and public community services, mantling and technological operations
  • Safety appliances and devices for material lifting and handling equipment
  • Components. Consumables and spare parts. Materials
  • Service, maintenance, tune-up operations, repair, modernization, leasing, rent, insurance
  • Certification, expertise and inspection of industrial safety of lifting equipment



In 2011 over 1200 specialists have attended the exhibition, most of which are the heads or persons responsible for taking business decisions, representatives ofspecialists working in the branch of material lifting and handling equipment, construction, logistics, representatives of oil and gas companies, cola mining industry, representatives of river and sea ports and large Russian enterprises. The participants of the exhibition include such renowned companies as Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. /Netherlands/, DANFOSS (Denmark), ELMOT (Bulgaria),  Lemmens-Troitsk Industrial Crane Plant, LLC (Russia-Nederland),  Uryupinsk Crane Works (Russia), JSC NPO VNIIPTMASH (Russia), GIGA (Czech Republic), CONDRA (The South African republic), Sekizli Makina ve Vinc San. Tic. As (Turkish), LSSINE (China), EMG Automation GmbH Werk ELTMA (Denmark), Gliwickie Zaklady Urzadzen Technicznych GZUT S.A. (Poland).



Exhibition vendors offer thoughtful price decisions, actively promote attendance of the event among Russian and foreign professional visitors.


We invite for participation in the exhibition “CranExpo” enterprises specializing in the branch in your country and which might be interested in presenting their goods and services on the Russian market. We are confident that participation of your companies in the exhibition will serve to strengthen business contacts with governmental officials, public associations and commercial companies, will provide exhausting information on market situation and industry of material lifting and handling equipment on the whole, will facilitate promotion to the new trade markets and find partners for business.

Выставка подъемно-транспортного оборудования «КранЭкспо»


Организатор: РВК "Эксподизайн"

Тел./Факс: 8 (495) 258-87-63, 8 (499) 181-06-35